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 Tabor College


A Ground-breaking Opportunity: Empowering TUMI Graduates 

In partnership with TUMI, Tabor College is now offering an Associate of Arts in Urban Ministry degree as well as an Associate of Science Business degree.This will allow our Capstone graduates throughout the TUMI network to receive 24 hours of credit toward the degree of 64 (30 basic liberal arts courses and 10 electives), which can be taken at local campuses or through online developed courses. Those electing to enroll in the degree will be able to access the same financial aid as anyone else through a grant and/or loan to underwrite the completion of their work.

The best thing about the Associate degrees is that these will require nothing from our ministry, other than what our satellites are doing currently; their students will simply matriculate through and complete our Capstone Curriculum. Students will have the option to enroll in the TUMI/Tabor Adult education program and work towards an Associate of Arts Degree in Urban Ministry (requires 64 total credit hours) or an Associate of Science in Business degree (requires 60 total credit hours). The Associate program is run and operated by Tabor College, with no involvement or contribution needed from TUMI.


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