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The Wondrous Cross
Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Before the form of Christ I stand / The Crucified, God’s perfect Lamb / For the world’s sin, oh, what a cost / Is paid upon the wondrous cross. . . .
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The Wondrous CrossDon L. DavisBefore the form of Christ I standThe Crucified, God’s perfect LambFor the world’s sin, oh, what a costIs paid upon the wondrous cross.Here captives come, to be set freeBlood silences the enemyAll’s been restored, which once was lostThe foe destroyed on wondrous cross.The Father turns his face awayAnd shadows grow at height of dayMercies so wide like suns acrossRevealed upon the wondrous cross.Prince lifted high on torture poleThe look of life heals and makes wholeMake this your aim–to suffer loss,Dying to live on wondrous cross.Lord, give us eyes to gaze and seeThe form of Love on yonder TreeLet lesser visions become as drossAs we behold the wondrous cross.© 2009 Don L. Davis.  All Rights Reserved.